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Thread: Software Installation Manual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdul Basit View Post
    any one can support me for installation process, i have no money at this time for paying flynax for installation charges
    I can do this for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Evans View Post
    Thanks for this. I am using 4.6.1 and want to upgrade to 4.7.1. How can I best acheive this? Basically I want to retain all my existing listings and accounts and tag cloud entries, everything but upgrade the software alone?

    you need to download PATCHES
    v4.6.1 to v4.6.2
    v4.6.2 to v4.7.0
    v4.7.0 to v4.7.1

    then come in Admin PanelDatabase
    import file SQL
    and replace all files PATCHES
    and so with each

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    i cannot know process of database or hosting panel

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    And please create a backup of your site and database. Because you can do something wrong or lose customizations.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    The software was installed by Flynax on my server but the technical team did not share admin login details until now i dont know why!! I sent them emails but no response. Can someone help me here?

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    Kevin sent you admin login details 2 times in different tickets.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I'd like to clarify some details about File Permissions. for example when installing the script the installation widget says
    "IMPORTANT: Restore the permissions to 0755 (non-writable) after the installation"

    Does this mean that all changed permissions should be changed back to the original settings?

    Would be better if to put a Readme.txt file about this and some other settings into the download package.

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