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Thread: Software Installation Manual

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    Software Installation Manual

    Greeting people!
    Actually Flynax Software installation is enough simple process, but I wish post the detailed instruction anyway.

    1. Go to www.flynax.com and download the script for your domain name, I will use www.domain.com as my license domain.
    You have FLABCD123456(http://www.domain.com)_X.X.zip archive on your PC after script downloading.

    2. You have to upload the script to your server now (use any FTP client), there are two ways to do that:
    • a. Upload whole archive (as single file) on the server and unzip it using Hosting Panel tools (files manager).
      b. Use this way if you have not files manager tools. Unzip the archive on your PC and upload all files to your server.
    3. You have Flynax uploaded to the server now.

    4. Open the browser and type your domain name in the address field, http://www.domain.com for me.

    5. Introduction step: Browser should redirect you to www.domain.com/install/index.php, click on "Install" button.
    6. License Agreement step: Click on "Accept >>" button if you are agree with Flynax Agreements.
    7. Requirements step: Your server should match the requirements listed on this page. I wish to accentuate your attention on four points on this page:
    • a. ZEND Optimizer, please contact your hosting support and ask them to install ZEND Optimizer for you if itn't installed yet.
      b. PHP register_globals, I strongly recommend you to disable this option, because it can issue the problems on the next steps of installation.
      There are many ways to disable register_globals manually, but I don't want to describe them all in this thread yet, I have found good explanation on drupal website:
      disable register_globals manual.
      c. Permissions section, all directories listed in this sections should be writable, you may change the directories attributes through your Hosting Panel or through FTP client.
      d. You should make admin directory writable if you wish to change the Admin Panel directory name, do not make it writable if www.domain.com/admin/ is suitable url for you.
      So click on "Next >>" button if it is active.
    8. Database settings step: You should create new database, username (related to your database) and password for Flynax script, use your Hosting Admin Panel to do it. Fill in all fields on current installation page using details of you new database. You may also use exist database, just specify some tables prefix to prevent overwriting of existing tables.
    9. Advanced settings step: Fill in all fields, I have just one notice: Admin directory name field is editable if you made the admin directory writable on step #7, now you are able to change the admin directory name to any other, for example: control_panel, so you will access admin panel using the following address: www.domain.com/control_panel/, BUT you should rename your current admin folder (on the server) to control_panel too, and edit /ROOT/admin/.htaccess file as well.
    Open it and edit replace: Rewritebase /admin/ with ReweiteBase /control_panel/.
    So click on "Next >>" button to start database and config files generations.
    10. Finish step: You should be on the last step if all gone correctly. You have to remove Install directory from the server now.
    Go to front end and try to follow some of link, it can be blank page if you installed the software to the sub-directory, in this case you should change RewriteBase for main directory, do the following:
    • a. Open the file: /ROOT/.htaccess
      b. Replace: RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /YOUR_SUB_DIRECTORY/
      b. Save changes
    That's all!
    I am looking for your question.

    Take care.
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    Would you please submit a ticket to our technical support and we will check and fix it ASAP.

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    Hi, I've successfully installed the software on my local machine (thanks for the Rewrite Base help, by the way!). Now, after I do some changes to the software on localhost, am I able to directly upload the software onto my hosting plan, with the custom modifications? Or do I have to go through the installation and everything from the start?

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    any one can support me for installation process, i have no money at this time for paying flynax for installation charges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdul Basit View Post
    any one can support me for installation process, i have no money at this time for paying flynax for installation charges
    I can do this for you

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    Hi, I have a problem in installation of flynax classified ads. In Installation wizard when i'm trying to click the next button the error message appear "Count not connect to MySQL server" Please help me. thanks in advance

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    Hello. I have the same problem. Do you resolve that?.
    Hostname: localhost
    port: 3306
    Is fine?

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    Hello Pascual Bernardo jr,

    Did you create database and user for database and added this user to your database?
    If you have cpanel or Plesk panel you can do you without any problem. Also may be your hosting using remote database server and you should set mysql server instead 'localhost'. Would you please check all this things.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi, I have an issue with changing the admin folder name.
    I have followed the instructions to the letter, but when it comes to logging into admin, the page just sits there and says loading...
    If I install using the default admin folder name, all goes fine and logging in is not an issue.
    Any ideas what the problem may be?

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    Hello Guys,

    You should change 1 line in .htaccess file.
    Open file: ftp://new_admin_folder>>.htaccess find line: RewriteBase /admin/ and change to: RewriteBase /new_admin_folder/

    Save and try to connect again.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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