Hi there
I was testing this plugin on my server and I encountered the following problem
I created 3 list of boxes with the same name, for example, Ads
Each box has different sizes (width and height) and different positions (left, top, bottom).
Then I went to List of Plans and I created 3 different plans: Left Banner, Top Banner and Bottom Banner, and I selected the box corresponding to each plan.
Then I added 3 ads, each with a different plan, ie, one with the Left Banner plan, another with the Top Banner plan, and the last one with the Bottom Banner plan. But the user interface only shows the Bottom Banner.
I went to admin panel, I edited the Left Banner plan, and I realized that in Boxes were selected the 3 boxes, I mean, the script automatically checked the three boxes. Of course the same happens with the other plans.
Then I realized this is because the boxes have the same name.
If I change the name to each box (Ads1, Ads2, Ads3) the problem is solved, but the point is that I want the three boxes have the same name (Ads) in the user interface, instead of Ads1, Ads2 and Ads3.
Is there any way to do this? That all three boxes have the same name in the user interface?
Thanks in advance

PS: i'm so sorry for my english, it's not my native language.