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Thread: Slideshow limited to the boat category

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    Slideshow limited to the boat category

    On the homepage of the Boats flatty template, a box, at the top, displays the slideshow of the featured items.

    How to make this slideshow only show boats in the boat category, not all featured items.

    Currently I work around this problem by putting all the featured category boats.

    Now I would like to be able to offer the ad feature, but I do not want items in the Boat stuff and/or Services categories to appear in the homepage slideshow.

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    Hello Marc,

    You should stay only featured Boats box on home page. Go to Admin Panel >> Content Boxes and deactivate or remove all other featured boxes from home page.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    What I want is that this box will show all the boats, not just those featured.

    if i can limit this box to the boats, i could add another box for all the items that are featured.

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    Hello Mark, this post might help you, I have not had time to list it as yet, what has changed though since this is now there is a search by category option the boxes, and these do work inside of a category, but they do not work outside of the category ie the home page, so it must read the category by some means.

    hope it helps

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