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Thread: pls i need hepl

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    pls i need hepl

    how to add new cuntry name add to >> Location Finder >> Location Mapping Manager

    thanx for all

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    Hello Ashwan,

    Go to Admin Panel >> Multi-field/Geo Filtering plugin. You can add new country manually or click button 'Import Data' and choose countries from our database.
    After adding country it will show in Location finder also.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Dear Victor
    could you remind, is the plugin free?
    I've tried to check it on flynax website, but Plugin search doesn't know anything neither about "Multi-field" nor about "Geo Filtering"
    I'm asking the question because I can't load the plugin page, because of HTTP ERROR 500.
    How to fix it? Should I edit .htaccess?

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