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Thread: {General Wide Temple} Header question...

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    Question {General Wide Temple} Header question...


    ::: I am still in need of this help :::: It would a nice christmas gift, anyone ever think of it that way?....

    I am almost there, but...Still with a problem. On the homepage, I have to press the down arrow (scroll down) just once before the header displays. I have modified my header.tpl file and the css.

    Header.tpl file:
    {include file='head.tpl'}

    <div class="main-wrapper">
    <header class="page-header{if $pageInfo.Key == 'search_on_map'} fixed-menu{/if}">
    <div class="point1 clearfix">
    <div class="point1">
    style.css file:
    header.page-header {
    background: #4b9561;
    height: 0;
    z-index: 1000;
    top: 0px;

    transition: top 0.3s ease;
    If you note in the style.css, the ONLY change I made was height: 0
    If you note in the header.tpl I have changed the entire tpl file as this is how I come up with it working for me...There may be other ways, but for now I am getting the hang of how it all works.

    Can someone see where the problem is?
    Original post below

    Can someone be a more specific on the making the header so that it appears like either of these sties, they both use similar styles:

    It seems one way or the other, if i start the header.tpl file from scratch, I am doing something wrong, or if I change the css I am doing something wrong...I guess it's just one of those things for me...I *really* would appreciate it a lot for someone to give me a helping hand getting the header together nicely....


    What do I mean? I mean that the header is fixed on both of the above sites.

    What I tried: I have tried removing sections out by checking those sites with firebug, and coming up with the header, top navigation (my choice) and main menu divs and getting rid of the rest, keeping the closing divs in tact. But it appears that in the css is my main problem. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the rest done. I would appreciate a boost on this, it seems like forever since I started this and can't figure it out...Any kind souls out there want help me?

    Thank you in advance!
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