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Thread: Image upload bug in version 4.6

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    Exclamation Image upload bug in version 4.6


    If the user sign in already, the image uploader will desperate from both (New listing) & Edit Listing page.
    Also the image uploader not show in Admin.

    I tried all browsers and the same issue.

    Can you help me to fix this please?
    I already reported other bugs in Tickets and it has all my login details.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

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    I did not see any problem in demo version.

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    Since I bought my Flynax, and always DEMO dont have issue. In real, a lot of issues here. Not only image,
    We can talk about many things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tariq hamed Ahmed View Post
    Since I bought my Flynax, and always DEMO dont have issue. In real, a lot of issues here. Not only image,
    We can talk about many things.
    I am not agree with you about demo. Most of the users have problems for fresh or upgrade installations. Many users do not know, they will lose their customization after upgrade.
    So, it's a good approach, if users transfer installation (specially upgrade) to flynax team.
    But let's back to your problem.
    Please show us a screenshot in both cases. User sign in already and not.

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    Hello Bahram,

    Thank you for your answer. First, My problem solved when I re install my server with fresh PHP. So, you are right, there is no issue in the image upload now.

    Since day zero, Im supporting Flynax and I do respect the efforts you are doing there.

    But in the same time, I do believe there is a lot of bugs. You you could be probably right, We dont know much, but this is also your responsibility to make proper knowledge base for your users (us). For example, I have a ticket opened since version 4.2 reporting a bug in the Category filter plugin. And today version 4.6 and the bug still there. Or maybe its compatibility issue with PHP version, no matter what. If its a bug you should fix it in the next resale of the plugin version that time, and if its compatibility issue, you also should show this in your knowledge base too to save your time and our time. This is the reason I said what I said above.

    And the same for many things, Category import, Data entry, Listing import....etc.... I will not talk about the secrets you are hiding in the database !!!
    Again, I hope the best of the best for you.

    One last thing, I have 2 license key from Flynax software since 2014-2015, and untill this moment, I did not use any of them in proper way because of the reasons I explained and I just went to use wordpress which I devolpe with my own. but now, I will do my best to migrate all my website to your script again.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Tariq
    Thank you for your explanations. Actually, i am not a member of flynax team (but I would).
    Yes, you right. Flynax support is not great and have problems. Maybe, it's a good idea, if flynax CEO answer to your post, because I think some of flynax users have complains like you.

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