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Thread: Exclamation Problems with changing them Template

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    Exclamation Exclamation Problems with changing them Template

    I have flynax 4.3 Flatty and I wanted to change it to Wide, I downloaded the new them, and added the file pets_wide to the template folder
    But when i go to Configurations and change the template to pets_wide, the website will be white blank
    Do I need to change or add something else or do I need to update my flynax website to the latest version ?
    Thanks you so much

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    Hello Fardin,

    You are using Flynax 4.3 but downloaded template for 4.5.2 That's why the template will not work. Of course I can fix errors but I don't know exactly how will work the template in your version 4.3
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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