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Thread: RewriteBase problem - 404 page can not be found

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    Exclamation RewriteBase problem - 404 page can not be found

    Maybe someone could help me out?

    The new .htaccess includes a lot of new things and I am having problems with links and paths. If I call the root (i.e. http://www,nameofthesite.something) then I can see the frontend but when pressing any links I end up with 404 error. I suspect the .htaccess file which in my case are called x.htaccess for some reason to make it work without 505 error??

    I also used the dbmigration tool to import listings from 3.2, that worked great but I have about 11 pages of listings but the system, within admin panel, only displays 12 listings in the information box.

    So I need help - I have placed 2 tickets to support but I guess they are on weekend leave.


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    i remember mine having x.htaccess, i think i changed mine to how it should be

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Brown View Post
    i remember mine having x.htaccess, i think i changed mine to how it should be
    Yes but when I change mine to .htaccess then I got a 505 error which, must in the end, point to config.inc.php I guess.

    EDIT: I think I have found it. The ReWrite syntax is written for Apache 2.x but my host has got Apache 1.3.x. so now I have to see if Flynax can give my instructions for Apache 1.3.x.
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    # define account details request
    RewriteRule ^((\w{2})/)?([\w-_]{3,})$ index.php?page=$3&lang=$2&account_request [QSA,L]

    This line will give me a 505 error.

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    Problem solved for Morgan,

    For others who have the same problem try to replace two rewrite rules in the .htaccess file, working rules for apache 1.3.x are below

    Only registered members can view the code.

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    @Mike, yes nearly solved but the listing details gives Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/fyndklip/public_html/tmp/compile/%%70^70F^70F52859%%listing_details.tpl.php on line 359

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    We have fixed this parse error

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    @Mike it work for a couple of minutes but now the same again

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    It's now ok again, sorry for inconveniences.

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    Thanks, no problems! I'm sorry for all questions but with so many functions, there's many ways to go wrong. I really like your way of coding and to present the front end. In Sweden we have only one major player when it comes to listings and you could take a peak at http://www.blocket.se

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