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Thread: V5 Hope . . . CDN

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    V5 Hope . . . CDN

    V5 Hope

    >File Storage System:
    The storage system is used to handle file uploads for your site. You can configure this to use:
    -Local Storage:CDN - Enable/Disable
    -Akamai. - Enable/Disable
    -MaxCDN. - Enable/Disable
    -CloudFlare. - Enable/Disable
    -Amazon S3. - Enable/Disable

    >More Advanced Menu Manager alike Wordpress or other CMS software
    Add New Menu or Select Menu to Edit: Main Menu/Footer Menu
    Header Title
    Advanced Menu Structure: Drag/rearrange vertical/horizontal each item into the order you prefer.

    >one page for each of the following:
    Product post
    Product purchase & checkout
    bid and checkout

    >Lack of Most Important features upgrades/Updates.
    Sales Transactions
    Sales Invoices & ability to print
    Listing Fees Revenue
    Site Logo
    Mobile Logo
    Contact- admin outgoing communication messages
    Billing & Fees
    Edit Fees
    Payment Providers
    Credit Cards data storage
    Fee Invoices ability to email or print
    Scheduled Payments
    Custom Fields
    Listings by category
    Listings by title
    Listing by regions
    Listing field-single &/or multi category assign
    Custom Fields
    Banners (Add Categories and Add Regions (optional)
    International (Enable Multiple Currencies and Cultures
    Show Regional Language Options, Currency Codes & Symbol
    enable/disable Countries
    Advanced Extend, Maintenance, and Images

    >Social Integration: Googe + and Twitter

    >Site Manager:
    Theme Manager
    Plugin Manager
    Country Manager
    Language Manager
    Subscription Manager
    Refund Requests Manager
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    Damnn!!!!!!!!! you could write your own software with the time you spent writing this.
    Anyways good luck

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