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    Did install php 5.3 /w APC and was very impressed by speed of site
    Since APC is deprecated package last release (3.1.13 - beta release) to work PHP 5.4 , I think
    and has now been replaced by the core package opcache.

    Q. In Flynax admin Caching method = APC
    ( i.e by substituting with install PECL APCu instead ) ?

    Kind Regards
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    Hello Nizam

    It's recommended to use latest php version for better performance (php 7.1)

    Yes in caching method APC - APCu used and you can install it from PECL if not available, you can try it, but as for me it will not give you noticeable improvement.

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    Many thanks for you recommendations . We have small vps, using ubuntu 14.04 /php 5.6 w 768 gb ram
    don't want to stress srvr so also using nginx reserve proxy
    Would prefer to use apps ( flynax) caching rather than nginx caching
    Kind Regards

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