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Thread: Is there any plugins for Page Minify/SEO

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    Is there any plugins for Page Minify/SEO

    Hi, can anybody suggest how can i enable code minify,page cache, sitemap on motor trader theme.

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    Flynax developer John's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Hello Truska,
    Sorry for so late reply, just found this thread by sitemap keyword

    code minify
    We are going to develop new plugin which will minify script and other plugin js and css files.

    page cache
    Flynax 4 already has internal cache system, let us know if you mean something else.

    Which sitemap plugin do you mean? We have Google & Yahoo sitemap released today, you may take a look at it here:


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    Hi John,

    Is there an update on the js/css minify plugin? This would be really great.


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    I second Greg. A minify plugin would be great to speed up the page.

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