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Thread: Storefront Add On

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    Lightbulb Storefront Add On

    Hi there,

    You can add this property in the next version v4.0.2 ?

    Sellers Get More Exposure with a Personal StoreFront...


    The StoreFront Add On involves an interactive set of specialty pages on your site that a seller can purchase a subscription for. These pages provide a seller not only the opportunity to highlight their listings but also the advantage of profiling their company as well. When site visitors click into one of your seller's StoreFronts they will experience a personalized look at the seller's listings, logo, unique category browsing, personal extra pages, news letters, and more.

    Your Advantages
    The StoreFront Add On is a great opportunity for you to create an increased earnings potential for yourself through the software. You will set up StoreFront Subscription Periods with Fees and charge sellers based upon the time period they choose. The StoreFront Subscription Fee is in addition to any other fees that you charge the seller when they list their items on your site.

    One of the great features of this Add On is that each StoreFront has its own unique URL path on your domain. Therefore, as sellers advertise their StoreFront URL on their own websites and through other resources, you will experience increased site traffic by taking advantage of their marketing efforts.

    You may also choose to set one of your Subscription Periods to be FREE. This will give your sellers an opportunity to try out the StoreFront for a short period of time prior to having to purchase a Paid StoreFront Subscription.

    Seller Advantages
    The StoreFront Add On offers your sellers the opportunity for increased listings exposure on your site. Listed below are just a few examples of the advantages your sellers will have when they purchase a StoreFront Subscription from you:

    Unique StoreFront URL using the SEO Addon with their Site UserName or the StoreFront name they specify:
    www.YourSite.com/store/UserName.html --or--
    Increased listing exposure which helps the chances of selling their items.
    Their own unique URL path that they can advertise in emails, on websites, etc.
    Seller can turn "off" their StoreFront from being displayed during set up and maintenance.
    A "StoreFront" column is displayed on the main site's category pages which will draw the attention of visitors to those sellers who have StoreFronts.
    The Seller's listings automatically populate into the StoreFront...nothing more for them to do.
    Seller can upload their own logo and slogan.
    Seller can choose from any number of StoreFront templates that your offer.
    Seller can create their own category structure unique to their StoreFront.
    Seller can create and populate their own 'extra pages' to provide more information to visitors.
    Seller can create their own news letters and allow visitors to subscribe directly through the StoreFront.
    Seller can get personal traffic information for their StoreFront.



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    We're not going to implement the feature unfortunately in the next version as there are lot of different views of it and i think it's hard to do something useful for all customers to get this done and leave ability to use standard dealer page (as now).

    Maybe in one of next versions we will do something similar, but not sure.
    You can request it as a customization by the way or maybe as plugin.

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    it is the only thing that is missing in Flynax!

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    I am very interested

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    Yes, I would love to a plugin that will give the sellers some freedom to make their pages unique. It would be very good for the site for people to want to ready deals and updates by the vendors..

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    I'm voting for this as well

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    all that you said here not going to make them react , unfortunately , still there from 2012, but promise not kept.

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    it might, we never know. In fact there were several plugin in that brought up here have been published. For example the wordpress plugin.

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    +vote someone need Storefront addon ?

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    yes, i do.

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