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Thread: Bugs and Error - Booking Plugin

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    Bugs and Error - Booking Plugin

    Good afternoon Flynax Team!!!

    I am testing the Booking Plugin in my website before start work, and i have noticed that there are some problems with this plugin!!!

    *** Front-End:

    1- After that the user added a rate, when he tries edit property, the system does not load the previosly rates added

    1 - Don't load previosly rates added.jpg

    2- When the user check the tab Booking Requests on Booking Details' page, the action delete is not working and it's not possible to the user add requests (if his property is already booked) in this area, there is only a possibility to add requests, the user needs to book by himself on his property details.

    2 - Action is not working (delete request) and is not possible to the user add request.jpg

    3 - When the user check the tab Rate Range on Booking Details' page, the action delete is not working also, and when the user try edit the description of this rate, the system shows that the description was edited, but the system does not edit it.

    3 - The user can not delete or edit ranges.jpg4 - Edit Rate's Description. 1.jpg4 - Edit Rate's Description. 2.jpg

    All this actions are possible only in the Back-End, except edit description of some rate.

    4- The Content Box "Check Availability" is not working in the home page. When you try add some dates that are property available, the system shows a MySQL ERROR, but if i do the same search on "Advanced Search Page", the system shows the properties that are available.

    (i tried upload images to show this problem but i can not upload more than 5 images per post, hope that you understood )

    Thank your for your attention!!!

    Gabriel Viana

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    Hello Gabriel Viana,

    The current version of the booking plugin have more problems with current version of the Flynax Software.
    And we don't suggest you use it now.
    I'm works about new version of the Booking plugin and it will be available soon (we hope over month). I suggest you wait the release of it.
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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    Thanks for the information Curtis... i'll be waiting for news about this plugin!!! Have a nice day!!!

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