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Thread: Admin username and passeword do nto get me in

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    Admin username and passeword do nto get me in

    Hi Guys:

    I am new to this software and forum.

    I just did my initial install of 4.5.2 and was asked to set up the admin account as a part of the install.

    Filled in my new username and 32 character password. Went to login and was shut out three times.

    Install finished okay but the two links supplied were both wrong. I just corrected the path and get the end user pages to load fine. Admin access is another issue.

    Went in to my PHP admin thru Cpanel and checked both the user name and the MD5 hash output for correctness and my password does indeed generate the correct MD5 hash. So according to MyPhp I inserted the correct credentials.

    But the script will not let me in. I checked the index.html file in the admin directory and it is showing a chmod setting of 644. Seems like it should be 755. did not change anythingl

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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    I hacked the Php

    I did solve this simply by adding a new php user with admin right and a new password.

    There is a little trick to that part but really pretty easy.

    Feel free to comment on why the admin account did not work.

    I don't know why and I use a password vault so copying is not an issue.


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    I changed username in database but i can log in only with old username. Any idea how to fix it

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    Hello Alex,

    Would you please send new admin password to my PM and I will check it for you.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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