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Thread: upgrade 4.5.2 problem

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    upgrade 4.5.2 problem

    Is there anyone else who has problems after installing v 4.5.2?

    I tried several times before successfully updating.

    I thought I had fixed all the problems, but I notice that the pictures of the new ads are no longer displayed.

    In my menu, when I select my ad and click Add a Picture, the picture is there, but it does not appear in the ad lists.

    How to fix the problem?

    Should I stay with version 4.5.1?

    Does Flynax plan to release a new patch?

    I have to finalize the configuration and testing of the site to replace my current website in mid-February before the spring rush.

    What do you recommend?


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    Is there anyone who can tell me if the problems in v4.5.2 will be corrected soon?

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    I want to know what are the bugs in 4.5.2 too. Any idea?

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    Hello Mark,

    Would you please send ftp access to my PM I will check it and fix.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    I can not give you FTP access to my site because I work on my computer. Personal web server.

    I already have a classifieds site for 15 years. So I have to configure everything and test the Flynax site before replacing the current site.

    I would have liked to be able to install and configure the site on my test site on the internet and transfer it to the correct server when it would have been finished, but it is under another domain name.

    Is it possible to change my current license for my other test server and retransfer it for my good site once the configuration and testing is complete?

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    Hello Marc,

    So, you can create a free trial software and reproduce your problem.
    After please create a ticket with this problem and we'll check it.
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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