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Thread: Possible bug in quick search at homepage

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    Exclamation Possible bug in quick search at homepage

    I think there`s a bug in quick search form at as you can see at http://auto.demoflynax.com/ if you search only for Make/Model and ANY subcategory: results shows ALL listing. And if you choose the same option in Refine search in the left - it`s working. After some research I think the problem is in action="http://auto.demoflynax.com/index.php?page=autos&search-results on the homepage and action="http://auto.demoflynax.com/index.php?page=autos&search-results" on the search page. I can confirm that the same result is showing at my website too.

    Please be advised if I`m not wrong.

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    Is there any solution to this problem? 10x in advance..

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    I payed for this and there`s obvious bug in it and I don`t deserve even an simple reply?!? Not cool at all!
    Hm, maybe I`m doing something wrong?

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    Create a ticket and go from there , the forum is general support, but if there is a bug then have it looked into and fixed with a ticket

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    Thanks for ajswering me. Excuse me but where is that? Where to submit a ticket?

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