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Thread: V5

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    my guess he is joking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustafa ilker Yonel View Post
    my guess he is joking
    He raised me up and you pushed me down ((

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    Jan 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Wei Hong View Post
    He raised me up and you pushed me down ((

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    May I request an account field group for the next version?

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    Hi Flynax Team, any updates on the release date for the new version?

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    Any up dates on when you will be releasing V5 would be appreciated

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    Search section, mean homepage search should be implemented on all directories , Motors,Property,Jobs,Classifieds,Services, should be great, or search tabs.

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    every page should have the option to choose a content layout.

    like : content.tpl or content_thebetterone.tpl

    i guess for now i will build childs for content.tpl

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    yeah this is the best Mustafa. By the way any simple solution how I can do it with version 4.5.2?

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    yes i have an idea i will make a thread

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