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Thread: states/regions province, city showing only country data

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    states/regions province, city showing only country data

    please help me,states/regions province, city showing only country.


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    I have the same Problem

    Hello Guys,
    Sorry for my english ! I have the same Problem !

    If I sign up for the frontend page and fill in a listing, I can only select the country ( e.g. Germany ) In the Field Region/ State, i can only Selekt a Country (e.g Germany) and for the city se same one. --->> see Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 1.jpg

    But in administration, when I make a listing, I can select country - country (country, eg. Germany), region / state (country_level1, eg. Lower Saxony) and city (country_level2, e.g. Hannover). --> see screenshot 2

    Screenshot 2.jpg

    Installed was Multifild filtering, Geo Location and Location Finder.
    Everything has been adjusted in the Basic Settings. ---> see screenshot 3

    Screenshot 3.jpg

    i can not find the Problem, can enyone Help and write a tutorial for me ?
    King regards

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    Hi there,

    1. I think youк websites have javascript errors and script has been broken, you can create a ticket and we'll check it
    2. If it's not critical for you in this moment, that you can wait a update of the Multifield/Geo Filter plugin. It will be avaialble over 1-2 months
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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    I have same error!!

    I have same error!!

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