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    categories hide

    Categories disappear from the home

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    Yes it is the same problem I am having, flynax still have not fixed this at this stage. http://forum.flynax.com/showthread.p...5-1-Categories
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    This solution works half, because a category appears only showing its subcategories and the right, as I make this as in the demo that you have?

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    did you fixed your issue? if yes, would you please share the fix?

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    I have not solved anything, Flynax does not support my local site

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    Hi Guys, try to apply my fix:

    1. replace the hookSimulateCatBlocks() function in the file: /includes/classes/rlAllInOne.class.php with the code:
    PHP Code:
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    2. Replace blocks/category_block.tpl in your template with the file from attachments.
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