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Thread: I have this problem you mast help me !

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    I have this problem you mast help me !

    hello Flynax team

    It shows the index page content but when I click on anything it shows the error the requested 404 Page not found in my site https://goo.gl/x8HlLW

    Created On: 16 Sep 2016 >> Ticket ID: YDW-739026

    after 15 days no solution

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    Check your .htaccess file in ftp server, and apache rewrite module in admincp

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    Hi Wei Hong ;
    apache rewrite module in admincp is enabled ! and the .htaccess its OK
    After clicking on the links to the site ! i have this error 404

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    Try to disable apache rewrite and check if the problem persist

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    Hello Nirvano,

    I think you should contact with your hosting support.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hello Viktor

    i send SOS Message to hosting support

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    i have this Message about my support hosting

    Your domain is also pointing to Cloudflare servers. You will need to contact them if any such issue occurred.

    I deleted the service CloudFlare associate my account !

    Now i dont have i probleme

    * How to make or use the CloudFlare service With Flynax script ?

    can you make tutotial about ! Think you Very match

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