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Thread: Add "new / used" tabs to general_wide template quick search?

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    Add "new / used" tabs to general_wide template quick search?


    All of my listings have used / new option, so I was wondering how would I go about modifying quick search form on general_wide template to search by keyword and by "used / new" similar to your auto example?

    Also, is there some kind of developer documentation available, I can't find it anywhere?

    Here is my current site :

    And here is example of what I want to achieve (tabs on search forms) :


    I'm not sure how I can add radio buttons to limit search only to used / new option which is custom radio button field.


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    Hello Damir,

    You can separate it in Admin panel -> Listings -> Listing types -> Edit a type -> Tabbed data settings -> Apply to - Search Form

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    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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