I'm new to the community and to the software, so I have a few questions.
I've just managed to install my copy of the Flynax Auto Classifieds, but I'm having some difficulties in setting it up.

I have loads of questions, but for now I'll post only two:

1. When adding a listing, you have the option to enter the VIN (vehicle identification number) and next to the VIN you have the Check VIN option, which when it is clicked, it will take you to carfax.com to check the VIN no. Unfortunately, this is useless for me as I'll be offering the service in Australia only, thus making carfax.com useless as you cannot perform VIN checks from vehicles located in Australia on carfax.com.
My question is, can the Check VIN link be somehow modified/removed ? If so, how and where ?

2. I'm trying to add another Listing Field, called Reg Plate where users have to fill in their registration number when placing an ad. I've created the field, but it doesn't seem to be appearing on the website. I wanted to be filed under the Common Field Group, but like I said, it doesn't show up anywhere. Can anyone help me with this problem ?

I apologise if these questions have already been answered, I did use the search option but couldn't find anything related to my questions.