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Thread: How to create a new data entries like YEAR format

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    How to create a new data entries like YEAR format

    Hi there,
    i am using flynax for a website in persian language. since car models are divided in two main categories in our country, we have to manage them by two type of year range. a range for Gregorian year and another range for jalali (persian) year.
    for example, we have 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 in English but i want to have 1388,1389,1390,... as well.
    i need this filed to be in data entries format, because i want it to be appeared in search pages by providing two combo boxes for selecting and filtering.
    is there any similar needs between you guys?

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    If i understand you correctly you would need to create a new data entry for the other year range, then once created you need to click the manage button thats looks like a hammer, here you can add all your dates.

    Next step is to create a new listing field, fill that out and for field type choose 'mixed' and then bind that data with the new data entry you created

    Then its just a case of adding that field to your search forms and your listing forms.

    Hope that helps

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    Dear Chris
    Thanks for your help. The issue is almost solved but still I have a problem with this new field. I have created it by your guide and the field is appeared but it has not drop down menu in search page.
    Do you have any idea about that?

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    Hi try changing the field type that I said as mixed, change to dropdown menu I think then see if it let's u bind with the data format.

    I don't have internet access at the moment apart from my mobile fone so can't really check if that's 100percent correct but I think that it should work

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    Hi Chris, i had done this before but it doesnt work becasue creating a filed in this way, does not provide two year drop down to provide an option for user to select from ... to ... it only shows one drop down.

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    yeah i understand what u mean, i think you may need to contact support and maybe have a little custom work done to the search part of that field. Or if that isnt the case they can guide you with the best thing to do

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