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Thread: Need Urgent help : Issue with Listing Builder, All ads became empty no Title no files

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    HI Viktor,

    On my site listing Title is missing, it shows as 'Listing'.

    I tried every thing, General form builder setting, edited short form and featured form builder nothing changes.

    I had same problem few months back, you reply 'Problem was in caching system. I have fixed it and you can check listing title and forms again'.

    Secondly, When an used pay for feature ads, his ads doesnt show in feature box, its doesnt show with any highlighted colour, and it doest list on top as feature ad in its respective category, and it should stay on top in its listed catrgory

    for example : this listing is an paid ad and it has above mentioned issue

    were as below link is not an paid ad, i have manually selected it as featured ad and it appears in feature box on home page, also appears with highlighted colour in its respective category

    thirdly, my site has become very slow takes 30 to 35 seconds to move from one page to other.

    Please help
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    am facing few issue please let us know how to solve above mentiones issues.

    Request you to please solve it is at the earliest.

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    Hello Sanjay Pattar,

    I suggest you create a ticket.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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