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Thread: Need Urgent help : Issue with Listing Builder, All ads became empty no Title no files

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    Need Urgent help : Issue with Listing Builder, All ads became empty no Title no files

    All ads Title show only 'Listing', all my short form settings, field setting gone... all ads showing empty.

    I tried every thing, General form builder setting, edited short form and featured form builder nothing changes.

    I think it happend today because i updated system cache and refresh listing.

    kindly help to solve issue fast.

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    Hi Viktor, Please reply to my msg, You replied to massages which are post after my post.

    Please need help my site has gone empty, no title, no co

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    Check your language and the number of phrases

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    Ya I checked language and the number of phrases seems to be okk

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    Awaiting reply... can somebody solve my issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay Pattar View Post
    Awaiting reply... can somebody solve my issue
    Can you send me FTP login details to PM?
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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    Hello Sanjay Pattar,

    Problem was in caching system. I have fixed it and you can check listing title and forms again.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks Viktor & Curtis, my title and forms are showing up again but i guess my listing detail page and mobile site has disturbed little bit.

    Please find image below. Description text is showing near Logo, above Title and below title which is its original place

    Please see attached file for Error :
    Gofreeads error.jpg

    Secondly, when i open from mobile, it shows this
    "Error :the zajax javascript component could not be included, perhaps the URL is incorrect ? www.gofreeads.com/libs/ajax/xajax_js/xajax_core.js"

    Please find attached error mobile screen shot.

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    Hello Sanjay,

    Please re-upload your first screen in bigger resolution.
    Thank you, Curtis.
    @Flynax Company

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    Hello Curtis,

    Please check below image :
    1. Url is taking discription in Title place
    2. http://www.gofreeads.com/listings/re...000-59489.html
    3. Discription is showing in Four place 1. In URL 2. Near Logo 3. Above title 4. Below Title which is its orignal place.
    4. Page links below header or near logo /listings/real-estate/land-plot-for-sale/ is not working for all pages
    5. When I tried to change this through Build listing title from general category its not happening.

    Second issue is when i type gofreeads or gofreeads.com in Google search bar, it shows result which has once one keyword ie free ads Posting site and description, from where this Title keyword and description it is picking. Or where to edit this data
    I though Title, meta data and keywords has to be put in this place. Admin panel >> Content >> page >> home

    This data which i have put here, it is not picking and the title and description which search result is showing i don’t know from where we can change this data
    Please let me know where to put these data.

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