It's a simple EQ, no grammar LL, abstract syntax tree or other lexers !
In fact, every word in a sentence is analyzed: we look at the dictionary if the word is, otherwise, there are words like him, are the suggestions.

The dictionary offered with the script contains more than 300,000 words!
PHP being a slow language, he had to find a clever technique for the silent running.
Basically, we separated the big dictionary, small dictionaries, we charge only when necessary.

I'm interested, I want to install it on my site!

It's very simple, it happens in three steps:
Step 1 :
Download the script and unzip it to the folder of your choice!

2nd step :

? Include the script in the php page: <? Php include ( 'PHPcheck.php'); ?>

Step 3:

Using the checker.
You need it for a string variable type character, like: <? Php $ texte_a_corriger = "Text to fix!" ?> And must be used correct_text (string $ chaine_to_fix): <? Php echo nl2br (correct_text (stripslashes ($ text_correction)))? ?>

The link to dowload the script
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