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Thread: group field adding like common box

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    group field adding like common box

    Hello everyone ,

    I tried to add a new field groups ( like green common box which is exist already) , and when i create that new field groups , it does not work as common green box when it arrange the listing fields inside it in a good arranged structure ,
    the new field groups that i created it , it just has expand and collapse function . but does not arrange listing fields in a good structure .

    my aim when i want to create that field groups is to arrange listing details in a good structure ,( it appears in one column ) .and the existing common box not enough for all details .

    what suppose i do , to add new field groups like green common box which is already exist ?

    best regards

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    any reply please .

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    Would you please explain the different in arrangement? May be with picture.

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    Hello Wei Hong , thank you to reply

    please see attached screenshot :

    arrangement of listing describtion.jpg

    best regards

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    I got your idea now. Please PM me your URL to the listing and I will send you the code needed.

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    Thank you Wei Hong ,done.

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    Check your inbox and let me know if it works for you

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    Hello Wei Hong

    Excellent , I changed the code as you told me , Now it works very well.

    thank you Wei Hong

    best regards

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    Glad it helped.

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    Hello Wei Hong,

    I seek solutions to the same problem as Musfir Alotaibi. Could you please send me the code improvements as you sent Musfir Alotaibi?

    thanks for your help


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