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Thread: Error plugin "shopping cart"

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    Error plugin "shopping cart"


    When I add an advert to my shopping cart and I delete cookies, the ad appears as "unavailable". This also occurs when the user has forgotten to clean the shopping cart. In both cases, the seller's ad appears as "unavailable" and the ad is no longer available for purchase. The seller when this happens, you can not know if your ad is "unavailable" and is a great disservice to all sellers.

    I want the ads are always available and the status changes to "unavailable" if it has been purchased and payment has been successful or is modified by the seller.


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    Some answer?


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    It would have to list as unavailable, (if there was only one left) at time of selection so that would be fine (if it did not do this there would be buyer confusion so it has to happen that way/ as one option), as for it remaining as sold if a buyer has closed out of a session and not purchased the item, and not having it re listed as for sale ? is that some sort of refresh / cron that fixes that ? not sure but check and see / ask flynax support as it should clear by default and re set itself. ?

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