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Thread: smsCoin missing configuration settings

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    smsCoin missing configuration settings

    I got smsCoin plugin, but i cant find configuration settings for the plugin.

    I was following this tutorial:

    But cant find Admin Panel >> Configurations >> Payment gateways

    Please help!

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    Can someone please help?

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    No one can help here?!

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    why is no one replying here!????

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    Buddy, if there is a plugin error then raise a ticket and have them sort the issue, you best bet if it can not be handled here.

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    Pete is right, some issue need lots of involvement and ticket is the best bet.

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    Hello Goran,

    I am so sorry for delay.

    You can find smsCoins configurations here: admin/index.php?controller=payment_gateways&action=edit& item=smsCoin
    Admin Panel >> Monetization >> Payment Gateways >> find smsCoins from list and click edit icon.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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