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Thread: creating field for street

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    creating field for street

    Hello everyone

    I use realty template , in categories lists there is land category , which need special field form that describe land Surrounding streets ,
    seller input no of Surrounding streets for the land , and depending on the no of entered streets , a new horizontal field consists of street width (Numeric field) , street side- north , south , east west , NE, NW, SE,SW - (Drop down list) .

    see attached image


    I tried to do that from admin pannel but i failed.
    How i can creat this field ?

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    hello musfir

    i am curious about what you did

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    Hello Musfir Alotaibi,

    We can create it as a customization. If you really need it you can create new ticket with your request.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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