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Thread: 4.5 Personal address" either has not been entered or is incorrect; please try again

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    Not working

    Not waorking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ameer Hassan View Post
    Not waorking

    look here it may help

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    You mean to add new search block and add category field to sql data like this to show only this category results !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ameer Hassan View Post
    Not waorking
    That is weird, I remembered last time I put a text box in this file, it shows that box on all page, including listing detail page, registereation page, etc

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    Yes, it shows search block all pages you are right - But not working or doing any action it seems that search block is working only with home page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ameer Hassan View Post
    Yes, it shows search block all pages you are right - But not working or doing any action it seems that search block is working only with home page
    No it should work as in homepage. I think you have copied something wrong. I remember doing the same thing with search block in general wide template, not sure about other template, it just I don't do it any more.

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    Hmmm So strange for me too, i don't find reason why it doesn't work except if there condition to work only with home page !! not Sure , this needs asking Victor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Young View Post
    Ameer, I am happy to post up a full guide once I get this sorted, and although flynax get me upset with lack of clarity in how they do things I do like them them, I suppose if they got the guides right and a bit of better support at times then flynax would go from very good to super fantastic
    A brief Update on the membership plan (as I see it at this stage) and will write a full user / setup and use guide one I complete some more testing. As per the blog release from flynax below.

    Membership Plans
    Flynax 4.5 has got fully-fledged membership plans that you can add from admin panel similar to listing packages presenting another good option to monetize your classifieds portal, real estate site, escort agency or any Flynax script where membership plans might prove to be effective and wanted. You can easily disable or enable the modules of membership plans and listing packages with one click. We tried to make the new module as flexible as possible and enabled use of membership plans along with listing packages.
    Disable / enable are under monetization (membership permissions) and will cover these a bit further on.

    A user can purchase a membership plan when signing up; he can renew or purchase a new one. When adding a membership plan you can set its duration, number of listings, availability to user groups, recurring option etc.

    Apart from removing and adding new listings, a user may fully manage status of his listings (profiles, properties, cars etc) from his account area, for example he can choose what listings to make standard, featured, active or inactive from listing manager within the number of listings given under his membership plans.
    The first part here on the surface looks very similar to a listing package, but that is where it stops, in that it does not have a listing live for, so in effect the duration of the membership package is how long the listing is live for, there is no separate listing time option as in a listing plan.

    The second part (not bolded) is also very intersting, it says remove or add listings, but unlike a listing plan, a membership plan lets you re use over and over again as many times as you like within the number of ads allocated to the membership plan, so for example if there are 50 listings allocated to the membership plan you can at any time have 50 ads running, if you want then delete one and add another one, very different from a listing package that discards the ad once used.

    The next part is also different where it says you can edit between standard and featured ads, again very different from a listing which is more stuck unluss you say choose to upgrade to featured for example, here you can on the fly switch any listing from featured to standard or vice versa at any time as many times as you like, and you may also activate or deactivate on the fly any ad at any time.

    I will cover a bit more on this below.

    Every membership plan in Flynax 4.5 might have the following list of options or permissions to choose from when adding a new plan:
    Add a listing: You can choose if a user can add listings or not;

    To carry on a little from above, when I first saw this and started testing, and on update finding it did not renew or update the ads and just the time, I thought this option was a complete waste of time and space and just confusing, and wondered why flynax would add a stupid option such as this.

    It was only after going grey for the tenth time in testing that the true value of what has been done here comes to light. for example I could (you could) set say a 90 day members pack with say 12 standard and say 4 featured ads as the first pack, then put your price on it, from there if any one wants to make a post they need to pay for the mebership and once they have it, they can for 90 days posts as many things as they like with up to 12 standard and 4 featured listings (and you can set these to what ever you want in size and time limit.

    From there you could do a second membership plan that expands on this for bigger users say 24 standard and 12 featured posts and then an even bigger master package and maybe even extend times ?

    What does not work very well is the option to combine membership plans with listing plans, this works if you run out of listing in your membership plan it will kick over to listing plans (if you have selected that option) and what happens here is the user is now using listing packages that do use up the listings and work in a total different way and probably would do nothing but confuse the user.

    So on short here if you are going to use the membership option just stay with the membership plans, and you would probably do this by the last membership plan / highest level being a open or large number of listings.

    If you we not using the membership options on your site then you would be using the listing / packages option but not both together.

    So after my initial review of this being rubbish due to not understanding how it works, I am now of the view this is fantastic, and a real pleasing addition from the flynax team / those involved and will probably be the way I will personally set my sites up, it is easy for users and works fantastic. Well done to all.

    View contact details: you can prevent users from viewing contact details of listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;
    Contact sellers: You can prevent users from contacting listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;
    View pictures: You can prevent users from viewing pictures of listing owners until they sign up and pay for the service;

    I have bundled these 3 together rather than 1 at a time, for me and I am sure others may see it different but I really do struggle with these 3 options (and will turn them off) I can not for any reason understand why any site operator would want to prevent people from viewing contact details, contact the sellers or being able to view pictures?

    as I site owner I would want to encourage advertisers to pay me to list on the site through listing plans / memberships, so if these people have paid to make a listing why on earth would I then take the liberty of hiding what they have paid for unless some one pays to see or use that information? to me that would just deter the paying advertisers in the first place, even if I had a escort site, I would be happy for the advertisers to pay but to hide that then from the customers I simply can not work out.

    To me it would be like owning a shopping mall and charging a business to lease a shop and sell sandwiches in the mall, then standing at the mall door and asking people to pay to walk inside to buy the sandwich?

    Maybe I do not understand this part very well just yet.

    Featured account: Accounts with a featured status will be shown in a separate box;

    The part that that started it all out with no instructions and how does this work ?, well for those who want to know in listing types down the bottom now is a check box, featured listing, that must be checked and in your setting the featured option must be activated and assigned to the listing type, now if a punter purchases a membership plan with the featured options set, bang up they pop.

    And that is where it stops, as the featured box does not rotate, nor can it be added to a carousel option so in effect first in first dressed and members to join after the boxes assigned are populated miss out.

    I am sure this is an error and may work properly when fixed ? not real sure, and just maybe I am using that wrong but after about 50 tests I gave up on that as a not for me.

    NOTES: as for set up any setting for quick register / place listing with out registration assigning pages, sub domains etc, all take place before you make any of the membership plan settings.

    If you using this on place listings with out registration, and have auto log in approvals set, then by adding membership plans it is broken as per my post above and to date after a ticket has been raised flynax have not responded to any tickets so at this stage no forum or ticket support or fixes are available for any of these errors.

    Also to consider is the issue of listing plans you still would need a business / private options and again these can not be changed by the user, and there is no way to use the new membership plan to do this that I can see as in that if you made 2 membership plans one that ads listing or even both there is no way to assign one to their own page ./ business listings / (known as sellers in a blank flynax set-up).

    Overall, the new membership plan for listings is real bonus and is fantastic along with user functions in the back end make it a real winner so very well done again to all, the next 3 for me I see no real benefit, in any version of flynax but you can just turn them off. The last on well unless it is fixed it really can not be used as it is.

    As for the signup not working that will cause real head aches I have had 2 people sign up who did not get to even log in due to the errors so expect nightmares there, but again I would expect this to get fixed very soon, and will say I am slightly disappointed with the lack of ticket response in regards these issues.

    Once a few more things are fixed and some more testing is done I will write up a complete configuration guide taking into account quick start page options and membership if possible.

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    For part one of this OP it seems extensions are now being added, but as far as part 2 goes below

    2. If I opt to add a membership plan and then try and register it gets worse.
    There is still no user user page links as above but after getting the verification email to log it it does not auto log in but asks me to log (even though it is set to auto.
    After then manually logging in it then denies access and tells me it is waiting for admin to approve the new registration even though I have not set it to do that as well.
    Very frustrated.

    I had this reply

    >> 2. If I opt to add a membership plan and then try and register it gets worse.
    unfortunately you can't use concurrently auto login and email confirmation options when enable membership module;
    On the surface I say Ok, then in testing I ask you say what ?

    This will work if I set auto place a listing without register, it will work If I sate no email verification required and auto log in, it will work if I state I will need to confirm, in fact it works on every level (using a membership plan) but this one option.

    To me now on the surface I ask why would a developer ? allow all options to work, but one, why would a developer even not build in the existing functionability as flynax has from day one ?

    Both time I say they would not, so why do flynax send some random saying that says o this part does not work, ? it simply makes no sense at all and nearly looks like they just can not be bothered fixing the mistake.

    If I set it to admin to verify, all messages and emails validate that is what is going to happen as it should, but set to auto log in and email verification, you get all emails as they should as well, it just simply does not work.

    To the person in flynax who wrote the reply, just some of us have been using this fr years and what you say makes no sense and seems on the surface as a cheap get out of jail because you can not be bothered fixing a problem in the script ?

    And I may be wrong, and if I am then any one using membership plan will always have a line of angry and frustrated admin and users trying to use your site.

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