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Thread: Add a listing.....

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    Add a listing.....

    Does anyone know where we can edit the info. that is at the top of each step during the 'add a listing' process?
    For example: Image uploads may not exceed 10mb.

    Also, when clicking on the links in the user area (ie: Transaction history).... the info that comes up that says "There are not transactions yet". Where can we change or add wording there?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Go to admin panel - languages - click search button on the right, then i would copy the phrase off your website that you want to change and paste it in the phrase box then click search. Then it will bring up the search results for that phrase, just click on it to edit

    with your example phrase.... Image uploads may not exceed 10mb..... i do believe the '10mb' is separate to the 'Image uploads may not exceed'

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    Thank you SO much!

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