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Thread: smsCoin Payment gateway plugin configuring

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    smsCoin Payment gateway plugin configuring

    Today I would like to talk about smsCoin plugin, which requires some configuring steps and a bit of attention.

    1. Register an account with SMSCoin (;
    2. Select "Purses" (sms:Bank) and click on the "New" button;
    3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Security code – use any word or digits (for example: secretcode)
    2. Select countries (keep in mind that commission levels vary from country to country when selecting all countries)
    3. Success URL should be built in the following way:
    4. Success URL method – post
    5. Fail URL should be built in the following way:
    6. Fail URL method - post
    7. Result URL should be built in the following way:
    8. Result URL method – post

    4. Go to Admin Panel of your Flynax powered site and install the Plugin (SMSCoin).
    5. Go to Admin Panel >> Configurations >> Payment gateways >> SMSCoin Bank and configure the Plugin:
    1. SMSCoin ID – your ID in sms:Bank (See picture 1);
    2. Language – language used on your site;
    3. Keyword – a secret word that you specified when creating sms:Bank (See picture 1).


    A price limit on your site depends on your country and mobile operator.
    To calculate a price limit you can use SMSCoin calculator at (See picture 2).
    So, this will give you the ability to set a price limit for your plans.


    During payment processing the Plugin will make sure that the price does not exceed a limit set for a selected country
    (a country from which a user wants to make a payment).
    If the price exceeds the limit then SMSCoin gateway will disappear from the list.

    You can familiarize yourself with SMSCoin commission rates at:
    Let's discuss any issues in this thread.

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