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    Post Version Upgrade

    Hi there,

    Even though you have the ability to update your site yourself using patches provided by Flynax, updating is not an easy task because in case of a failure you might lose or break your site, and if you're not sure you can update your site without any problems we recommend asking Flynax to help with updating.

    NOTE: we also recommend reading through all new features in an update to make sure you really need them. If you have a heavily customized site we advise against updating your site because you might lose more time and money on updating than on supporting your site.

    If you made up your mind to update the site yourself then please follow every point of the guide below:

    IMPORTANT! Make a full back-up of your site and database before updating so you could quickly and easily restore your site in case of a failure. We don't assume any responsibility for updating issues arising from poor updating procedures.

    1. Go to site and log in to your Customer Area.
    2. Go to the Download page and click on the Patches tab.
    3. Select a patch and click the Download link.
    4. After downloading the patch archive to your MAC/PC make sure it looks like or with Escort prefix if you're updating an escort site. The patch is made up of files and SQL file for updating the database (sql_update.sql).
    5. Go to the Admin Panel > Database and click the "Import" button (top left corner) > select the SQL file from the patch main folder: sql_update.sql, and click the GO button.
    You also can apply the SQL update through a database manager like phpmyadmin by replacing {sql_prefix} with the correct SQL prefix used in your database.
    6. Unzip all files and copy each file to a corresponding directory on your server. Remember! You should copy files of your template only from /templates/ directory in the patch.
    You can upload files to your site using an FTP manager or cPanel File Manager; whatever you choose please make sure that files from the patch will overwrite existing site files. All changes made to these files will be lost after rewriting them with patch files.

    NOTE: If your site was customized you'll have to compare and merge new files with custom files (located on the server) before uploading new files to the server. The same procedures must be applied to customized template files.

    NOTE: If your admin directory is not 'admin' please rename the admin directory in the patch to your custom name before uploading the patch.
    NOTE: If your language code is not 'en' please open sql_update.sql and replace 'en' with the proper language code.
    NOTE: If you have more than one language you will have to compare languages and copy newly added phrases to other languages after applying the patch.
    NOTE: If you want to update your site to the latest version and your current version is a few updates behind, then you'll need to apply every update consequently from older to newer version until you update your site to the latest version, for instance: from 4.1 to 4.2 then from 4.2 to 4.3 etc.

    Special Note for upgrading from 4.5.1 to 4.5.2: You have to do the following change when updating your site to make it work (you can also find it in README FILE)
    Open the README file and find the code that looks like this:
    Paste it to the includes/ to the bottom of the file.

    Updating is over! You can open your site and test its functionality.
    If you get any problems after or during updating feel free to contact us.
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