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Thread: MultiField: Refresh Paths problem(really big problem)

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    MultiField: Refresh Paths problem(really big problem)

    I have imported all the German states with cities. In German language you have umlauts and those letters must be in text(paths) translated like this: Munchen(the "u" is with umlaut but I see that the forum do not want to accept it) as a path is /muenchen. The system imported in path those letters like this Munchen as a path is /munchen. After spending more than 2 hours in changing all those letters for all the cities that implied the change, I found out that clicking on refresh button of the "MultiField: Refresh Paths" will revert the paths to the initial state.

    This is a huge problem when all the edited links will revert and they will be transformed in 404 error.

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    Please do not run Refresh Paths if it's not really necessary. The purpose of the function is refresh paths in case of data migration mainly.
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    Ok. Thank you!

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