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Thread: !!! Help me !!!

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    !!! Help me !!!

    When i try to add a new listing, i get the following message:

    There are no listing plans related to the category, please contact the Administrator to resolve this issue.

    What does it mean? My site dont work, please help me


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    Hello Thomas,

    You should add/allow some plans for your categories. Please go to Admin Panel >> Monetization >> Listing Plans and click edit icon of some plan or create new one. Then find line: 'Show in categories' and choose categories. Thne try to add listing again.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi Viktor,

    it was my mistake, i add a new plan and forget to set him aktive
    I have some other probs:

    1. I'm looking for a easy way to change the currency problem with european currency(, .) - i found this but is difficult Link
    2. I cant find the forms like: add_listing, search....
    3. Site name in browser SEO friendly

    hope you can help me

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    Hi Thomas,

    Could you please explain in detail what your problems are as what you have described is quite vague. I'm sure as a user of Flynax I have probably faced these issues myself and found the answers.

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    i will try it, but my english is not sooo good sry

    1. I need german currency format on my site: www.boote24.de i find a post who was explained, but it was old and i dont know it is the only way to change it:


    2. i want to have SEO friendly Site names and i did not understand what i have to do - SORRY
    it means: SiteName / CategoryName / ListingName

    Hope you can help me
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    No one can help me???


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