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Thread: hacing 3 icons on home page

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    Exclamation hacing 3 icons on home page

    Hi Guys,

    i would like to have 3 or more categories icons horizontal in my website www.spanola.es , but its seems to be that only can have 2 by 2.
    2016-02-10_14-29_Anuncios España.jpg

    can any one help me on This ?.
    appreciate it.

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    Try in style.css

    Only registered members can view the code.
    Try changing the column count to 3.

    Also try and make sure your images are all the same size as it may effect how they are displayed

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    Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks chriss , its working fine .

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    hi, i reinstallk the software again, and now its not working.

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