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Thread: Cron Job - what is it and how do i set it up?

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    Cron Job - what is it and how do i set it up?

    I really need to figure this out - I am ready to launch my site and have no clue what cron jobs are nor do I know how to set them. The instructions offered by FLYNAx are useless and make no sense whatsoever. Please help?

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    you can control it from your cPanel. Cron jobs refreshes the database automatically to calculate the number of listings for example or the new added categories instead of doing it manually. Simply it is a scheduler for certain operation or task that must be done on periodic intervals.
    you are free to ask google for more details about cron jobs

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    The cron jobs will pretty much go through your listings and upadate the status etc for example it will check your listings and remove an expired listing from the front end of your site. The more listings you have the more often you will need it to run.

    You wll need to set up the cron your cpanel, and direct the command line to your cron file http://forum.flynax.com/showthread.p...highlight=cron

    Which will look something like this
    Only registered members can view the code.
    changing your_root_folder to you actual folder (i cant guarantee that will be the exact path but it might be)

    Then you need to set how often it runs, to start with run it every other hour, but the more listings you get the more often it will need running. Then in flynax admin set how many listings to check per run.

    So if you have 1000 listings and run it 12 times a day you would need to check roughly 84 listings per run.

    If your really stuck with this send flynax a support ticket, i am sure they will help.

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