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Thread: upgrade to 4.4.1 vs customization

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    Question upgrade to 4.4.1 vs customization


    I'm planning to upgrade from v.4.0 to 4.4.1. Well, I have made lots of customization in v4.0 to the front end and created many new submit forms, listing fields, and a decent db.
    I backed everything up.
    My only concerned is the submit forms and listing fields after the upgrade, are they going to stay as they are or they will be restored to default? Can I restore them from the back up later?

    Kindly advise,


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    I have just done the same. I paid flynax to upgrade as I didn't want to lose all my database information(which I think was worth paying for). The only thing I didn't move across was the actual template mods I had done, as I decided to start afresh with that and the fact some mods I had done are now integrated in the standard script. I had the odd little issue but nothing too major that wasn't fixed within a few days.

    Everything from my old script is now in the new one, I have not had to recreate forms, pages, blocks or anything
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    Thank you Chris for the advise.
    I don't know yet if the forms, blocks and pages are going to stay or restored to default. Any ideas?


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