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Thread: Flynax DB Migration plugin

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    Flynax DB Migration plugin

    - Install Flynax v4.x to the same server where Flynax 3.2 is installed;
    - Create a subdirectory in the root directory, for example flynax_new and copy Flynax 4.x files to the subdirectory.
    - Install Flynax 4.x (don't forget to put a different prefix for db tables; if you install the script to the same database then files of Flynax 3.2 will be overwritten by those of Flynax 4.x).
    - Go to Admin panel of Flynax 4.x and install DB Migration plugin that you can find in the Plugin ChangeLog box right after logging in to your Admin panel
    - After installation you are supposed to configure it by entering access details to Flynax 3.2: admin panel >> Configurations >> DB Migration:

    - Enter a root path (a full path to Flynax 3.2; to get it you have to go to Flynax 3.2 >> admin panel >> System Info >> search for "DOCUMENT_ROOT", value of the parameter is the very Root Path to Flynax 3.2);
    - Enter db details into the rest of the fields.
    - Once all details are entered you can get to DB migration: Go to admin panel >> DB Migration >> Start importing
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