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Thread: Display custom values

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    Display custom values

    How do you display custom values that is created in admin panel.

    eg: If I want to display the listing title I put {$pageInfo.name} into the page where I want it displayed.

    In Ireland we don't use state we use county so we created the the field county. this value is being displayed on the listing page but I want to display it at the top of the page.

    So the question is what is the code i use to display this value.


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    Hello Nail,

    I think you can do it through builder into Admin Panel. You can build Listing title and shot form too.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi Viktor thanks for the reply but I dont think you understand my needs. I shall explane a bit better.

    We have a custom field called county. But I am looking to put the field hard coded in the listing.tpl file so I can show it anywhere on the page. I just need to know how do I print the county name.

    I know this prints the Title {$pageInfo.name} but I want to print county so is it something like {$pageInfo.county}

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    I tried this {$listing_data.county}

    but I got the result


    Its the word louth that I need But I also notice the the l in louth is not uppercase was as on the listing page in the ad it is.

    Am I on the right track.

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    Hello Niall Boylan,

    Do you want to print country for each listing into listing view? or you want to print in something other place?
    Would you please explain me better with screenshot.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Hi Viktor,

    Please see image attached. also it is not country I need to print its county.Demo.jpg

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    Sorry that image is poor please see this link for the image http://www.cheapdeals.ie/images/demo.png
    You can see the field i need half way down the page.

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    You could try something like this

    {if $listing_data.city}{$listing_data.city}{/if}

    But this is pretty similar to what you tried. I found i could get it to work but not with the multified fields. So for me thats country and region. But my city is text input which worked ok.

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    Hi Chris,

    This didn't work. Thanks for you help anyway.

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    Hi I noticed from looking at the database that the entry for county is formatted like this "county_ireland_dublin" I think it is formatted like this because the fields in the admin area are binded. How can I strip out the county_ireland and just keep Dublin. but I would also need the d in dublin to auto uppercase.

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