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Thread: google map plug-ins for 4.0

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    google map plug-ins for 4.0

    Hi, i was just chatting on the live support and they told me that the google browse maps 1.4.0 for flynax3.2 will work in Flynax4.0.
    i tried it and nothing happened. Is this an install problem (= e-ticket) or was i simply given the wrong information about this plug-in working for 4.0 (= wait patiently)
    I also tried the location finder with no effect.

    download from flynax,
    upload to server in plugins folder
    admin panel, install
    all appeared normal.

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    Hang on, somethings happening here now.

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    when create a listing there's a google map to place your location on. Cool!
    But the listing and search results aren't showing any maps like i thought they would.
    is there further plugins needed to gain this functionality, or is it settings or bugs. i'll keep playing for a bit.

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    No luck getting maps to display for browsing listings.

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    I also have problem with the google map.

    I have some field like city, zip-code and county required for them to fill in, then the map works but i also have that they have to fill in the county and city again when they make a listing to see where the lisiting are located but it only show where the dealer lives instead of the actual location of the listing. Thats not a big problem but in some cases it is, it should have prio on the listing location.

    And Colin, if you or your members done type in where they live and all that on their information and just fill it in when they make a listing it wont show up.

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