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Thread: Add new Tabs!!!

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    Add new Tabs!!!

    Hi Seniors!

    I just wondering about, how to add new tabs while customization of realty_read template?
    I'm a PHP developer but its my first interaction with Flynax, please help me, how can I add and my own desire tabs in header, furthermore, I tried but I find it bit difficult, I've to change in many tables in DB, so anybody can please suggest me some easy way according to your experience.

    Hoping a quick and kind response,

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    Re: Add new Tabs!!!

    Hi Pamela Labelle,
    You should just add new pages through: Admin Panel >> Pages
    and check Main Menu for each new page, so you will get new tabs as pages in result.
    Let me know if I understood you right.


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    Re: Add new Tabs!!!

    Yes, you got absolutely right

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