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Thread: Who are the Developers of Flynax? Tell us who you are.

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    Who are the Developers of Flynax? Tell us who you are.

    Who are the developers of Flynax?
    How many are you?
    What are your names?
    Where are you from?
    What hours do you work?
    What hours do you answer forum questions?
    Do the Flynax developers provide tech support?
    Do Flynax developers live in central asia?
    Why is your tech support in central asia?
    Why does it take so long to reply to tickets?
    Why does Tech support only seem to be available from 10pm to 4am Monday to Thursday CST (Central Standard Time) -06:00 hours... They do not seem to work Saturday and Sunday and Friday in my time zone. CST (Central Standard Time) -06:00 hours
    Why does this phone number Flynax Pre-sales: (+1) 503 928-7724 have poor reception... The call sound quality was not very good for me when I called, and I could not hear what was being said to me, but the person seemed very nice.
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    This has gone unanswered and I wonder how many more users feel the same way to want to understand what to expect from flynax.

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