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Thread: Turkey Location Database Problem

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    Turkey Location Database Problem


    I want to add all Turkey locations to my system.

    Turkey address locations have as below hierarchy:
    Country > City > Town > District > Neighborhood > Street

    For Example:
    Only registered members can view the code.
    I can add these all from Data Entries, but how can I associate (conditional) they in Address selection User Registration and Listing Adding pages.

    When user register, users can select first City than select City's Town, than select City> Town's Districs.

    Sorry but my english not enought for explanation.

    For Example States are loading if user selects country as Unidet States (in demo site).

    Same method. If user select Istanbul City, than automatically loaded Town Drop Down list belong to Istanbul. After Town select, than automatically loaded District Drowp Down belond to Istanbul's Towns...
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