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Thread: how can change the logo and title of logo

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    how can change the logo and title of logo

    Dear Sirs

    need help please
    i am using flynax 4.4.1 boat script
    i want to change the logo and title of logo
    how and where can change from
    thank you in advance

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    Hello Ercan,

    Logo you can change in ftp://templates>>your_boat_template>>img>>logo.png (also for mobile devices in folder @2x eixt logo.png too but with double size.)
    Then you should change size in css file: ftp://templates>>your_boat_template>>css>>style.css

    find code: div#logo at line ~543 and change width and height like on your new logo.

    Title for logo you can change in Admin Panel >> Pages find Home page and click edit icon.(http://your_site.com/admin/index.php...edit&page=home) and edit Title field.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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