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Thread: Listing Count Problem

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    Listing Count Problem

    I recently update the database (not all table only fl_listing, fl_categories, fl_accounts, fl_lang_keys, etc etc...) from 4.3 general template to 4.4 wide template, everything works fine (Listings, accounts, categories etc etc...), But Listing counter is having some problem it shows 0 for all categories, (i have 6310 active listings for all categories)

    Given below the steps about my problem:-

    1. Current status is 0, to check I made 5 listing Inactive now the counter displayed as -5,

    2. Again i refresh the counter it comes to 0,

    3, Then again i made the 5 Inactive listings to active,

    4, Then again i refresh counter now its showing 5, (its good)

    5, but if i again refresh the counter then it becomes 0.

    For testing i made all listings in fl_listing database as 'Inactive' and refreshed the listing counter in admin, but again it shows 0.

    somebody please help me to solve the issue, i created a ticked as per viktor advice but the support replied that we cannot help as the upgrade is not done by flynax team. so i am here to ask, any body please reply to this issue if you know something about the issue.

    Thank you

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    Thank you Mr.Curtis for fixing the problem.

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