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Thread: Flynax version 4.4 after new install - Errors

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    Flynax version 4.4 after new install - Errors

    New Version 4.4 Errors
    In admin configuration/listing - I assigned the user name to email address.
    After enabling the "add a listing without signing" up i am getting the below given error:-

    1 a new ad listed in administrator account, not in given account email address

    2 Getting improper mail notification - missing user name, and username is
    given shows as name in mail, but i assigned the user name to email address,
    login working with email address only.

    Dear {username},
    Your account at Flynax Classifieds has been created automatically.
    To update your profile, edit your listings and their status,
    read messages from other users etc, please use the login details below:
    Username: Mane
    Password: 6Y[5950oqS
    Thank you,
    Flynax Classifieds Administration

    3, After logging with email address and given password, could not able to find the posted ad.

    Does anybody had this issue, and please help me to solve this issue

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    Did anybody find this error in version 4.4 new installation, because i checked with another new installation in another sub domain there also i found the same error.

    Is there is any body to resolve the issue, i also submit ticket there also no response .

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    still problem not solved i am just using the username option to login, not able to assign email address to login, no response from flynax team yet 3 days over.

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    Now days Loosing hope in forum, support is also not giving proper response.
    Flynax is getting very poor in forum and support.

    Since 12 days completed, no body to answer, if your new release has error means then please don't release it.

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    I didnt get any issue like that, do you consider contacting flynax other than the forum ? flynax replies to tickets witin 24hr that never fails so try that

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    Ticket List

    I am not able to post the ticket reply here in forum, support ticket is not helpful, support ticket advice is like "take medicine for fever" not medicine name.
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    What is your website i want to check please paste the link

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