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Thread: Import / Export Plugin: Missing files

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    Import / Export Plugin: Missing files

    Hi Viktor,
    I am running Flynax Autos 4.4.0 and I need to use the Category Import/Export plugin, however it appears to have two files missing and fails to work. I receive the following error, both if I download the plugin from within the Admin area, and also from the download page on the website and uploaded via FTP.


    The following files:
    in the plugin are missing. Please reupload the plugin files before the installation.

    It seems like the plugin has been packaged with files missing. I checked via FTP and the /lib/ folder doesn't even exist at that location.
    If you could please look into this ASAP it'd be appreciated.

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    Hello Sean,

    We have fixed it already. Sorry for inconvenience. Please go to ftp://plugins and remove folder: 'importExportCategories' and try to install plugin again.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks Viktor. The plugin loaded and I was able to export the categories from my test flynax install, however I wasn't able to then import them into my live one.

    In the end I worked out how to do it all manually via phpMyAdmin, but it might be worth checking whether the plugin is functioning properly on 4.4.0.
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